Katya Osadchaya admitted why broke up her first marriage

Now popular TV presenter Katya Osadchaya happily married with Yuri Gorbunov, which educates two-year-old son Ivan. She does not like to dwell on his personal life — even that they together with Yuri, the actress said only after the wedding! However, in honor of his birthday, which she celebrates on 12 September, 36-year-old Kate gave a Frank interview and told to “Caravan of stories”, why broke up her first marriage to Oleg Polishchuk.

Катя Осадчая призналась, почему распался ее первый брак

Recall that it lasted three years, and the couple had a son, Ilya, who is now 13 years old.

Kate believes that one of the reasons was the age difference with her husband.

“There were several reasons. We met when I was seventeen and he was fifteen years older, and I think the age difference played a role in our relationship. I just got back from Paris and went to rest in the Crimea. That’s where we met, and then another almost a year, met before they got married. We had a real wedding in the great hall, with guests, tables bursting with food and drinks, the master of ceremonies. I was in a white dress and veil. In General, all as it should be,” said Osadchaya.

The couple could not find understanding, and interests they were different. Besides, Katya has already started to work and wanted to build a career.

“We have lived together for three years and divorced when I a few months was leading “Swetoha life”. Can’t say that the reason for the divorce was my job. I think one of the factors was that at some point we are unable to find understanding. Someone had to give someone to prove themselves a wise man… I was eighteen, I certainly wasn’t going to sit at home all day with my husband, I wanted a truly free life. On the other hand, now I can understand her ex-husband. At that time he, 33-year-old, wanted to sit at home and not in the clubs with me to run. Now I also have no desire to go to discos. At the time I had my own ideas about the future. I wanted to build a career, and at eighteen you’re doing because you want, more you do not care, husband let them wait,” — says a leading.

She sees the separation and the guilt, but grateful to this marriage for her son.

“Probably half my fault that we broke up. We had to find a balance in relationships, to hear each other’s needs and negotiate. Instead, each silently made their conclusions and did not say anything to your half. In the end it led to a disappointing result. But now all behind, and I think we needed my husband to spend the long three years together just for the sake of our son was born”, — said the artist.

However, she wasn’t angry about the divorce, and even felt relieved.

“Maybe if the marriage lasted for twenty years, I’d suffered with being alone after a long life together. And since we lived with her husband only three years after the divorce, I didn’t feel much of a longing. Me parents were very supportive. To be honest, when the husband has left, I felt better. The last time we had such a strained relationship that marriage has become a burden for both of us. It seems to me that the work of each of the spouses in marriage is to make life easier for each other, to support, to understand. After all, homemade burgers life does not end… But if I do not compress – the meatballs are. Especially now that I have no problem cooking for Ilya complete lunch: first, second, third and compote. For me the worst phrase is “you should”. No one owes anyone anything. All only by mutual consent,” — said Katya.