Katya Osadchaya combined work and leisure

Katya Osadchaya often combines work and rest. She find time for yourself even in the breaks between filming. For example, during a recent trip to Paris, where she not only filmed another edition of “social life”, but also spent a romantic time with her husband Yuri Gorbunov.

Катя Осадчая совместила работу и отдых

The arrival of Indian summer in Ukriane coincided with another working trip leading. This time she came in beautiful Lviv oblast and was unable to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a walk in the Park atmosfernom.

The media personality decided to take a bike to enjoy the scenery. For their activities, Kate chose an appropriate outfit – she was dressed in black pants with red stripes, reminiscent of sportswear, white sneakers, and tramadoi plaid coat with decorative gold braid sleeves.

Leading gathered hair in a comfortable bun and don’t forgot to wear sunglasses. She showed fans a picturesque suburb of Lviv with a lake and colorful autumn Park.

“Summer predmet Babina from the city. Stahnuti all. Before siomkau Pragati navkolo lake, velosipedni season has zakrivat sarano,” assured Kate.

Fans teledive was impressed with the atmospheric place and also don’t forgot to leave a compliment for a star. Among the commentators were Ukrainian singer Mika Newton, the buyout moved to the United States. “Beauty!” — she wrote.

  • Yak Garneau, de in Lviv take in the lake?
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  • VI duzhe Organon vigladet in taqiy atmosferi. Vdott happiness from the photo
  • Very beautiful picture
  • Gorgeous place, happy Kate
  • Well, stylish
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