Katya Osadchaya has appeared in a total red image

Katya Osadchaya to stylish experiments are not used to. For example, her exotic hats of various forms, widows, and unimaginable styles of design have become the hallmark. The media personality recently showed her bold beauty experience – it has become a burning brunette with long hair and reincarnated on the eve of Halloween in character Comedy horror film Morticia Adams. In the continuation of the mystical festive theme Kate decided to show another image of the red Queen.

Катя Осадчая появилась в total red образе

On the page in Instagram leading has published a couple of pictures from behind the scenes of the filming of another edition of “social life”. The media personality posing with a crown on his head. Her hair into a voluminous hairstyle. You should pay attention to the change of the hue of the locks, Kate turned to the redhead, immediately rushed into the eyes of her fans.

Total red look Kati consisted of a Romper with cold shoulder from the Ukrainian brand OLYA MAK, who stressed the neckline, blouses, capes, with a train behind and boats. The presenter emphasized waist black leather belt. Makeup with a focus on red lips.

“Columbani week #hallowen triva. Vchora Bula brown hair in Koran. Dali bude”, she promised.

The opinions of fans Katie was divided one her new image came to taste, others decided that the experiment leading failed. They criticized her hairstyle and bright makeup stars.

  • Katyusha, you without this makeup is much prettier, younger and smarter, overdone makeup artist
  • Wow way Cat
  • It’s not your hair
  • Duzhe Garni suit
  • Newdale makeup
  • Bagna just
  • Class, you there is a new way
  • Beautiful!
  • Oh, no! Not in this color — do not repeat in real life! There’s nothing like Your natural!
  • Nepravishta
  • Not duzhe