Katya Osadchaya told me how to make a wish

Lately Katya Osadchaya never ceases to amaze its fans with a vivid incarnations — first leading has become a burning brunette with long hair and on the eve of Halloween tried on the image of the heroine Comedy horror film Morticia Adams, and then brought a spectacular red Queen with brown hair and a crown on her head.

Катя Осадчая рассказала, как нужно загадывать желание

After hectic working days Katherine really wanted to relax, and not just anywhere, but at sea — and her dream came true! Colorful photo happy the media personality shared on his page in Instagram.

In addition, the leader told followers how to make a wish to come true.

Osadchaya visited the Kiev sea and posed on the wide surface of the water and looming above it of clouds. The celebrity chose to walk comfortable and stylish outfit — light grey striped trousers, sneakers and oversized red pullover. Hair she gathered in a beautiful braid and sparkles with a radiant smile for the camera.

“VSI know scho yakscho right, bagati I realino of staviti meta, it won obov’yazkovo in wilits in life. Axis I hotla the sea 🙂 may Kiske, ale W sea. And in you, Yak wilusa Mriya’s, lists Barzani write?” — shared the actress.

The followers happy for Kate and admire her beauty, and thanks for the useful advice.

  • Charivna happy…that I….
  • Kate,VI always so chic Taka Garna , ale vodnochas so simple I ludiana
  • VI duzhe Garni is a wise Inca!
  • You are very beautiful!!!
  • Beautiful!
  • Duzhe Garneau
  • Beauty
  • Katyusha, you are an optimist
  • Trousers, figurine… super
  • If you sincerely believe and want, then be sure the dream will come true/ not true immediately. the most important thing to believe
  • Yak Garneau
  • Carve Kateryno
  • You are very beautiful!!!