Keanu Reeves came out with new lover

55-year-old Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves over the weekend came out along with a new sweetheart. Companion stars of “the Matrix” (The Matrix) turned out to be 46-year-old artist Alexandra Grant, with which he was familiar long ago. About how their relations became romantic, insiders told the publication Life & Style Weekly.

Киану Ривз вышел в свет вместе с новой возлюбленной

She is religious, sensitive and kind. These qualities also helped her to gain the trust and love of movie stars,

— they had shared.

Alexander also could make what was not possible for any other woman: she pushed Keanu to talk about his heartache associated with the death of ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Syme. Syme waited a daughter with Keanu in 1999, but the child was born dead. The couple broke up, and then, in 2001, there was another tragedy — Jennifer died in a car accident. She was only 28 years old.

According to Life & Style Weekly, Alexander strongly supported Reeves.

She’s one of the few who managed to get Keanu to talk about their emotions and past,

the source said.

Reeves had a reputation as a very closed person who keeps secret his personal life. But Alexander found a sensitive approach to the actor.

It took so long was in such a depressed state, but a positive attitude and support Alexandra helped him change his life. Some say that she not only won his heart, but also saved him. They spend a lot of time together. When he travelled the world with promotorom the movie “John Wick 3” (3 John Wick), she traveled with him. When he goes shooting, they really miss each other,

— added the insider.

That Keanu and Alexandra meet for the first time talking after Saturday, they visited the LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles. In the Internet appeared photos in which they held hands. Some insiders say that the novel spun a couple of months ago, others — that they have been living together for years.