Keanu Reeves secretly married his beloved Alexandra Grant

It became known that Keanu Reeves secretly married his beloved Alexandra Grant. This information has provided one of the friends of the Hollywood celebrities.

Киану Ривз тайно обручился со своей возлюбленной Александрой Грант

According to the informant, Keanu Reeves is still wedded to single status. In his 55 years, the star of the trilogy “the Matrix” has never tied the knot. Probably the artist has decided to do away with loneliness and secretly got engaged with his beloved. He did it modestly, but not without its share of romance. The actor invited his future wife to his home, decorate the room with candles, and ordered dinner from her favorite Italian restaurant, and then the song of Frank Sinatra, which they both like, asked her to become his wife. The woman was very surprised, but quickly recovered and said Yes. About when wedding will take place and what format will choose the couple, the informant said.

Celebrity has not yet confirmed these rumors, but much points to their authenticity. Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant are increasingly began to appear together in public, not hiding the fact that feel for each other feelings. They are always together and hug. You know, the couple met 10 years ago when the actor hired future beloved as a designer, his collection of poems, but only six months ago their acquaintance grew into a more serious relationship.