Keira Knightley on a walk with a two-month daughter and my mother in London

In August, the 34-year-old keira Knightley in the second time became a mother — came to light of her and her husband’s daughter, Delilah. Now most of his time Hollywood actress dedicates a two-month baby.

Кира Найтли на прогулке с двухмесячной дочерью и мамой в Лондоне

So, on the days of Cyrus was spotted walking with her daughter in London. Company Knightley also made her mother Sharman MacDonald. Kira, dressed in a warm grey oversized coats, plaid shirt and black boots, carrying a two-month baby in the babybjorn, while her mother Sherman was near. After a short walk Kira with mom and baby went into a cafe, where they quickly had a bite.

Recall that keira Knightley gave birth to her second child back in August, but the press learned about it only in mid-September, when the actress came out with newborn baby for a walk in the city, where she filmed the reporters. By the way, linger long in the decree of the star is clearly not intended. Last week, she for the first time after giving birth appeared on the red carpet — the actress supported the crew of the film “Dangerous secrets” (Official Secrets), which starred.

The star also gave an interview to BBC in which he admitted that while it is not easy to combine motherhood and work. Kira said that now is breastfeeding and therefore could not permanently leave the baby Delilah:

I left home just about six hours, so have to go back until 18:30. Each mother should use a breast pump.

Knightley also admitted that with the advent of the second child in her house is a mess, but noted that such changes are absolutely normal for her. Kira also gave advice to all young mothers.

Stay in my pajamas and not brush your hair. Let the house is a complete mess. Just look at those people who bring you food

— joked the actress.

Recall that keira Knightley married musician James Ryton: in 2011, they began Dating, and in 2013 got married in France. In addition to newborn Delilah, Cyrus and James brought up the eldest daughter Go, which came to light in 2015.