Keira Knightley was first approached about yourself after childbirth

Yesterday 34-year-old keira Knightley posed for the cameras at the London film festival, where a month after the second birth, first appeared on the red carpet. Last month the actress did not give any comments about yourself and a newborn baby. And finally broke the silence, agreeing to a BBC interview.

Кира Найтли впервые рассказала о себе после родов

Keira admitted that her image in the TV Studio — it’s an illusion, because in fact she does not get out of pajamas and not every day combing hair.

Dear Luke, today I did the styling to the airwaves, combed finally my hair. I’m not wearing my dress, so I just brought here. My appearance says nothing, said keira BBC presenter Louise Minchin.

The movie star added that the mess in the house and changes in life that seem uncomfortable, is actually perfectly normal for her now. Knightley said that feeding baby breast, therefore, cannot long to leave it. To participate in the interviews, she had to leave the baby your expressed milk.

I left home just about six hours, so have to go back until 18:30. Each mother should use a breast pump— added the actress in conversation with Louise Minchin.

The presenter asked his guest to give advice to all mothers of newborn children.

Stay in my pajamas and not brush your hair. Let the house is a complete mess. Just look at those people who bring you food, — said the actress.