Kendall Jenner in an unusual outfit caused a strong reaction in the Network

American supermodel, which is called the only beauty in the family Kardashian, compared with the animal. This comment appeared in a new picture posted on the page of the star in Instagram, reports the with reference to

Кендалл Дженнер в необычном наряде вызвала бурную реакцию в Сети

In the photo Kendall Jenner has sealed herself in the mirror of the Elevator. Jenner poses in a slinky jumpsuit with print “Zebra”. The dress has a one strap or chain around the neck of the model.

Phone Jenner covered part of his face, and recently painted in a light shade of hair, gathered back.

In comments to the snapshot makeup artist Mary Phillips wrote to Jenner that she animal. Other members also noted the “animal grace and ideality” of the star.