Kherson sea port has officially conceded

Херсонский морской порт официально передали в концессию

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine and the company “Recoil-Kherson” has signed contract on concession of the Kherson commercial sea port (ICC).

The document was signed in the presence of President Vladimir Zelensky by the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine in the person of Secretary Volodymyr Buchko, SE “Administration of sea ports of Ukraine” in the person of acting Chairman of the Alexander Golodnitsky, LLC “Project company “Recoil-Kherson” in the person of Vladislav Talaha and OOO “Recoil-Kherson” in the face of Shota Hedgesville on Friday.

“Today is a great event for Ukraine and, primarily, for Kherson region for the first time in the history of Ukraine, we held the marine concession (…) With the investor we spoke to all the details – that increase jobs and lack thereof, of all employees”, — commented on the signing of the Treaty by the President.

As noted in his turn, the Minister of infrastructure Vladislav Crickley, the concessionaire of the OOO “Recoil-Kherson” is investing in the development of the port, about 300 million UAH. In addition, more than 18 million will be invested in local infrastructure.

According to the agreement, “Recoil-Kherson” is granted the exclusive right to create, build and manage the Kherson sea trading port with a view to its modernisation and future development. The period of validity of the concession will last 30 years.

Previously, the working group on the harmonization of the provisions of the concession agreement for the project in the Kherson commercial sea port (ICC) approved the text of the concession contract.

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As reported, Ukraine’s Supreme Court ruled to reverse the decision of the Sixth administrative court of appeal of Kyiv, which was blocked by the completion of concession tender in ICC “Kherson”.

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine in early March granted permission LLC “Recoil-Kherson” (consortium “Petro oil and chemicals” and AT RISOIL, Georgia-Switzerland) for the concession of the ICC “Kherson”.

According to information published on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure offer “Recoil-Kherson” were: 7% — the rate of concession payment; 12,06 million UAH-fixed concession fee; doministic for the first and second years 33,284 million UAH. for the third and fourth 8,321 million; 18,089 million UAH of investments into development of local infrastructure, the maintenance for 60 months of jobs at the port.