Killed a family with a child in the United States for the first time in 17 years of doing death penalty at the Federal level

In the United States plan to conduct the first in 17 years, the death penalty at the Federal level. Needs to execute 47-year-old Daniel Lewis Lee, who was convicted of killing family of three in 1996. About it writes BBC.

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Relatives of the man demanded to postpone the death penalty, arguing that during the visit to prison where the procedure will be performed, they can become infected with coronavirus.

However, the Federal U.S. court of appeals denied them this request. The judge came to the conclusion that there are no grounds to postpone the death penalty there. Relatives want to appeal the decision to the Supreme court.

Daniel Lewis Lee is one of several criminals that are planning to execute in the near future — during July-August. All of them were convicted of crimes, in particular murder of children.

They will be the first condemned, which used the death penalty at the Federal level in 17 years.

Since 2003 the death penalty at the Federal level in the US is not actually used — there was an unofficial moratorium. At the level of individual States, this penalty could be applied.

Against the death penalty to Daniel Lewis Lee acted and 81-year-old Erlin Peterson — that her daughter-in-law and granddaughter were victims of murder.

According to the woman, she wants punishment, and a criminal all his life spent in prison.

“Yes, Daniel Lewis Lee, ruined my life, but I don’t believe that his death will change anything,” said Peterson.

The restoration of the death penalty

On the return of the death penalty at the Federal level in the U.S. became known in 2019.

Then attorney General William Barr said: “the Department of justice supports the rule of law, and to implement the sentence imposed by the justice system of the United States, is our debt to victims of crime and their families.”

The death penalty is applied by the introduction of convicts injection of pentobarbital. It is a drug that gradually slows down the body, particularly the nervous system, and eventually leads to death.

The death penalty is still a legal punishment in 28 States, but in practice is used everywhere.

Over the last 20 years the annual number of death sentences in the U.S. dropped by 88%, from 295 in 1998 to 43 in 2018.


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