Kim Kardashian advertises your brand of underwear

Kim Kardashian, who in recent days have been busy with important family matters in his homeland, returned on the work schedule. Brand spanx 38-year-old diva has released a new line, and Kim walked away with his head in the process. “I literally LIVE in this collection of cotton @skims!”, – she wrote on his page in Instagram, adding a lot of scenic shots.

Ким Кардашьян рекламирует свой бренд нижнего белья

Kim posing in a linen white and milk colours, perfectly highlighted Golden brown skin and a thin waist, ample Breasts and prominent hips stars. As you know, things designed to make the silhouette visually more slender, and have to give them credit with their task, they do 100%. Kim tried on the shorts and tank top, tights and bra as well as other items from the new line. “Comfortable and cozy”, she concluded. But members also added that it is very “sexy and seductive”. For a few hours, posts the stars have collected a record number of comments. Among fans her hot shots was and a lot of friends.

Interestingly, in a recent issue a show about the Kardashian family their opinion about the cause of the outfits Kim spoke star husband – rapper Kanye West. As you know, he largely influenced the style of celebrities, which began to choose sexy stylish images under his leadership.

But if at first Kanye himself was delighted with the public reaction on sexy bows Kardashian, now he would prefer to see her in more modest form. Especially the singer was not liking the way Kim for the Met Gala 2019. Latex dress with open corset, decorated with stones, simulating drops of water, appeared to him to be excessively open. “The corset is a type of underwear, and when my wife is photographed in this way, it can not affect me,” he said. What Kim said that he made her so free and liberated, confident woman. And become another someone for the sake that it is not going to.