Kim Kardashian delighted the new seductive photos

Kim Kardashian knows that there is no better promo for line of spanx, than his own example. Almost every new model Skims the star tries herself and demonstrates followers how it works. The latest example of body cream color, which stressed all the advantages of the 38-year-old celebrity – her lush Breasts, a thin waist and seductive curves.

Ким Кардашьян восхитила новым соблазнительным фото

The novelty, she tried, along with black high heels. Complete the picture of sleek straight hair, and bright makeup. Kim sat down, stretched out his leg and stretched, thereby demonstrating and perfect proportions. “I sculpted the suit to the body SKIMS.COM” – wrote the famous beauty.

In stories Kim continued the theme, posted many photos of other girls in the things of the brand. And on your example showing how perfectly emphasizes the figure of the linen and hides the shortcoming. As an example, she tried on a slinky dress in pink and black stripes, under which wearing tight shorts.

Kylie for the brand Kim (video:

Also, she was attracted to the campaign and their famous sisters: 22-year-old Kylie Jenner and 35-year-old Khloe Kardashian. She took the girls in racy commercials. Especially “hot” get video with Kylie. The girl is no stranger to this kind of publications, so she boldly poses in lingerie older sister. Kylie tried on a bodysuit flesh tone, which complements high red boots. Do not hesitate cameras, star invitingly bends and leads hands on their famous forms. The second bow in black, here she showed a figure in full growth. In the hands of beauty Flirty twirls the rose.

Fans of the sisters remained in admiration of these hot videos and covered with questions about the acquisition of linen. Surely the line will be a success.