Kim Kardashian explained why I decided to create a collection of slimming underwear

This summer, Kim Kardashian has released her own collection of slimming underwear. On why she chose this niche, how much time is spent on the creation of the collection and getting out of difficult situations associated with their curvaceous Kim said in an interview with People.

Ким Кардашьян рассказала, почему решила создать коллекцию корректирующего белья

The journalists People talked to Kim Kardashian about her line of spanx Skims, which she developed in the summer of this year. Kim admits that for 15 years was a dream to finally make this collection of: star suffered from what is already available slimming underwear is not suitable for her skin color and shapes.

Kim Kardashian said that she often had to soak spanx in the sink along with tea bags, to find shade under its skin. It took time and effort, but manufacturers stubbornly added to their line of new colors.

In the end, Kim decided to create her own collection to ease the agony of choice not only to himself but to all the girls in the world. In addition to bodysuits and bras in Skims has one unusual model — waist shorts with asymmetric legs.

“When I wore a skirt or dress with a wide slit, I had to cut off one pant leg, and she began podvorachivaetsya” — with pain, says Kim. Using your negative experience, star has created a special pair of shorts, never to feel discomfort because of such nonsense as the cut.

Kardashian has developed 9 shades to suit any skin tone, and has released a collection with enhanced dimensional grid.