Kim Kardashian got married again

Kim Kardashian admitted recently that this year she remarried. Rather, she and her husband Kanye West again recited the wedding vows. As recalled 39-year-old star of the reality show, in may this year, she celebrated not only the birth of a fourth child, but also the five year anniversary of family life. However, to arrange noisy celebration with many guests about their anniversary, the wife did not. Kim was born a completely different plan.

Ким Кардашьян снова вышла замуж

“Just in time for our fifth anniversary, I had to release a collection for brides. And then I suddenly thought, “we can Not allow this to go just like that. We must re-say our vows!” — said Kardashian. Kim decided that all preparations for the ceremony she will hold the secret from the husband, to surprise him. However, her idea was a little off. As it turned out, while she was preparing the ceremony, her husband Kanye secretly worked on his plan, wanting himself to surprise his wife. Only he wanted the vows and the party. And because both spouses had no idea about the intentions of the other, it could have been a complete failure of the celebration.

Fortunately, the mother of Kanye, where he spoke about his plans, and decided to tell the daughter that her son has already begun to implement my idea, several times he met with his hired fashion event planner. Kim thought as her now to get out of this confusing situation. Ultimately she decided to forget about secrecy, and to tell my husband about your plan. Kardashian decided to give a surprise to save her intended ceremony. So the celebration was held in her script: Kim and Kanye made vows in the backyard of his home. As witnesses the ceremony was watched only with their children, and re – “married” them the same priest that married couple 5 years ago.