Kim Kardashian had a fight with her older sister because of the sweets

The reality star Kim Kardashian, who recently cute posed with sister Kourtney in Armenia, recently quarreled with her.

Ким Кардашян поссорилась со старшей сестрой из-за сладостей

39-year-old Kim Kardashian decided to host a party for their children. The event invited children, Courtney. Previously Kim was planning to organize a party in the style of CandyLand. Accordingly, the table have to be a lot of sweets.
“Kids love chocolate and delicious biscuits, waffles and cream meringue,” said Kim. Their plans a participant of the reality show shared with her older sister Courtney. But in response, she rebelled.

And all because of the fact that according to Courtney Goodies can harm children’s health.

“Do you really want to give them candies with food dyes and excess sugar in the composition? No gluten” — emotionally said Courtney’s sister.

Between the sisters sparked a verbal altercation. Intervened in the conflict, mother of the star of the family. Kris Jenner broke up daughters and noted that the holiday should be moved.