Kim Kardashian said curvy outfit

Kim Kardashian will always find a reason to showcase a new outfit and a luxurious shape. This time it was the anniversary of the father of Kendall and Kylie. In the past, Bruce Jenner, and now Caitlin celebrated its 70th anniversary. At the festival, which was held on 28 October, gathered sisters, and many guests. Only today, the ever-busy Kim found a minute to showcase photos.

Ким Кардашьян подчеркнула пышные формы стильным нарядом

In honor of the occasion, Kim abandoned the cause of the outfits and daring mini, preferring the classics. However, she still tried to underline her sexuality with the help of tight things. For a family dinner, she came in bell bottoms crocodile skin lace up the whole length of the legs. And in addition to them wearing a light-green cardigan with long sleeves. In the hands of the unofficial Queen of Instagram was a gray cloak, and on his feet – light beige sandals with huge heels. Hair 39-year-old beauty was stretched out and laid parted in the middle. The evening, with a clear Straubing and expressive eyes.

“Incredibly happy that most of us are back together celebrating! Congratulations 70th birthday, Caitlin,” wrote under the post, Kim.

Ким Кардашьян подчеркнула пышные формы стильным нарядом

By the way, recently celebrated and Kendall Jenner. One of the most successful models in the world its 24th anniversary was celebrated on 4 November. Party she also arranged for the relatives. And in the microblogging thanked everyone for their love by posting some archival photos. Also in her stories has a video where she blows out the candles in a circle of beloved sisters.