Kim Kardashian shared an incredible story of his adventures on the day of birth

One of the closest friends, Kim Kardashian Jonathan Cheban — in detail told about how the reality star was preparing for her first birth. Her daughter Nord was born in June 2013 when the reality star was 32 years old. Kim was full of energy and enthusiasm, and not too worried on that day. So she planned a few stops on the way to the hospital.

Ким Кардашьян поделилась невероятной историей своих приключений в день родов

For a start, she decided to stop in McDonald’s and eat there, because ahead of her was a huge effort. Then they went to the beauty salon where she got “beauty” in the bikini area. By the way, on this day, in spite of the good spirit and cheerful mood, it was hard to move around, so Cebanu had to literally carry her in his arms all the stops.

But that’s not all. When Kardashian and her friend discovered that they had a car the paparazzi, they tried to break away from them. “It was crazy,” remembers Kim. “We participated in the race with the prosecution, I was called from the hospital and was reminded that I have to give birth… But it was not the end of her prenatal adventure. “My nails were dark,” explained Kim. “I knew that I was a girl, so I decided that nail Polish should be light pink.” The most striking thing is that the doctor allowed her to postpone childbirth by 2 hours!

Note Cebanu had to be that day Kardashian instead of her husband because her husband was not there. Future girl’s father, music producer Kanye West, was at this time on another continent and didn’t know what was happening in Los Angeles. But as soon as his plane landed, he was informed about the situation, and he rushed to Kim’s in the hospital. Thanks to all the adventures that delayed the crucial moment, he just managed to get to attend the birth and support his beloved wife. Since then, Kim has Kanye, as we know, Poch appeared three more children: St., Chicago, and Psalm. After the birth of the last of them, Kim admitted that her family is “complete”, and it is not going to have any more kids. In any case, for now.