Kim Kardashian spoke about plans to do business in Armenia

Kim Kardashian spoke at world Congress on information technology, for which she flew to Yerevan. Once on the stage, Kim spoke about his experience of starting a business and said that he was leaving Armenia with four new ideas. One of them is connected with its line of perfume: traveling around the country, she thought that he wanted to create a new flavor using local flowers. She also talks with major Armenian investors to access the country’s own factory, thus creating many jobs.

Ким Кардашьян рассказала о планах заняться бизнесом в Армении

I’m in negotiations with a number of major investors, trying to find a factory where I can produce my slimming underwear. We are trying to understand what kind of factories are there. This is a very important question for me. I love to work with Armenian companies, and my dream is to create a factory SKIMS here in Armenia.

After the report, Kim gave the gift of her portrait, painted in avant-garde manner. Left fans of Kim traditional photo shoot, Kim long posed for a selfie to everyone.