Kim Kardashian spoke about the confusion with corrective underwear

Nothing human is not alien to the stars. Its a multi-million audience convinced Kim Kardashian. She shared the story about what a disservice she sometimes had favorite shapewear.

Ким Кардашьян рассказала о конфузе с корректирующим бельем

Kim visited Jimmy Fallon. There she was asked to show the contents of your smartphone, to which the wife of Kanye West was not ready. When she heard the request to demonstrate their latest request to Google, Kim began to frantically slide your finger across the phone screen. She distractedly smiled and said that it could warn about this requirement in advance. Then she managed to erase browser history and wouldn’t feel so awkward.

“You don’t understand,” sheepishly stammered Kim, when the presenter showed all open the search engine in its smartphone. She did not lie: Fallon covered his face with his hands and, it seems, do not quite understand the request.

“Shapewear with a spray hole better than usual?” — asked Google a Kardashian. Indeed, such subtleties Fallon was clearly not an expert. Kim hastened to explain his unusual request:

“I just ran your underwear collection Skims and thought, and if I need it in a special hole? Sometimes it happens that I tried to use it, I was wearing shapewear at all sorts of gala events like the Emmy. In half of the cases had problems with it, and all around it was wet”, — ingenuously told Kim.

What Fallon suggested that the only one in the world could request information about it in Google. Kim immediately protested and said that it is a very important question.

However, for fans of Kim remained a mystery whether this underwear is better usual? Apparently, hardly, because in the line Skims no holes on corrective shorts are not observed. But maybe Kim will conduct additional research on this vital topic and even conduct a couple of experiments.