Kim Kardashian was baptized in Armenia and received a new name

October 7, Kim Kardashian baptized their children in the Echmiadzin monastery. A few days later it became known that the TV star and she was rite. Moreover, now fans of Kim can safely call it differently!

Ким Кардашьян крестилась в Армении и получила новое имя

In the Network appeared new details of the visit of Kim Kardashian to Armenia. It turns out that instadia decided to baptize in Holy Etchmiadzin not only their offspring. Kim and her older sister Courtney also passed this ceremony, and received new names.

The godfather star family was a 27-year-old deacon Davit Srapionyan. According to him, workers of the monastery were aware of the visit of the famous sisters with children, however, he had only a few hours before the ceremony he learned that he was to become the godfather of one of the most influential families in the world.

At baptism Kim called Aegina, and Courtney Gayane. Sisters didn’t come up with their new names on their own, they offered their employees baptisery.

It is noteworthy that, according to deacon, the children were so many that he didn’t even remember all their names. However, the abundance of stellar heirs did not prevent the audience to enjoy the process and get a lot of pleasant experiences.

The only problem was the lack of time. Due to the fact that the sacrament may be celebrated in a big hurry, the names of the Chicago, St. and the Psalm was not recorded in the log. However, perhaps this problem will be solved in the future, when representatives Kim will contact the staff baptisery of Holy Etchmiadzin.

Davit Srapionyan has become a local celebrity and accepts congratulations from friends.

Indeed, it’s not every day baptize instadium with 148 million subscribers!