Kim Kardashian with sisters appeared in the same beauty images

Kim Kardashian along with her sisters – Kourtney and Khloe recently submitted a joint project. They have developed 3 flavor for the brand’s older sister, KKW Fragrance. Perfumes are of different nature, as created depending on the personal preferences of every girl, reflecting her personality.

Ким Кардашьян с сестрами предстали в одинаковых бьюти-образах

For example, Kim has created a floral fragrance with fresh notes. Courtney tried to make the classics sexy, its aroma combines Golden berries, Jasmine and vanilla. And Chloe decided to play on playful femininity, using notes of sweet flowers and musk.

Despite the different nature of innovations in the advertising campaign of the sisters tried on the same outfits. In the first shot they tried tight-fitting suits cream color with long sleeves. Added images of lush styling and bright makeup. But in a new photo shoot the girls have chosen something more luxurious. The spirits are called KKW Diamonds, so that the stylists picked them to outfits, with an emphasis on style and Shine.

White top corset, off the shoulder and chest, classic pants accentuate the curves of the body, but not revealing too much, placer precious stones into exquisite necklaces, bracelets and earrings… Every sister tried on this way. The hair stylists, the girls gathered in the high tails to highlight all the luxury jewelry and makeup completed the evening, with thickly painted eyes and applied eyelashes. In his microblog, Kim announced that new items can be found on the website.

The remaining participants of the project also hastened to tell their impressions. Courtney wrote a detailed post in his manner: “extremely Dazzling yellow light radiates a captivating intensity that shines as a diamond. As the reflection of sunlight, the fragrance opens with the radiance of berries of Golden currant. Seem to be lit the inner flame in the heart of the fragrance shines a rare and colorful beauty of yellow floral bouquet composed of Jasmine, iris and Magnolia. Long lasting base notes add a fascinating sense of sensuality with fine beans, whipped vanilla and magnificent seduction of patchouli”.

“This nursing collaboration! Our collection of diamonds @kkwfragrance is finally here! 3 beautiful fragrance that perfectly reflect our personality. I can’t wait for you to feel that way… I sincerely in love with each of them!”.