King Charles III Proclamation: Trudeau Affirms Canada's Loyalty to New Sovereign



Two days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau affirms the country's loyalty to the new sovereign, King Charles III. 

“As we continue to mourn the loss of Canada's longest reigning sovereign, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we look to the future as Her Majesty's accession to the throne is proclaimed King Charles III, sovereign of Canada,” he said early Saturday afternoon.

Highlighting the naval career of King Charles III as well as his involvement with more than 400 organizations around the world, the Prime Minister indicated that he was convinced “that his deep commitment to education, the environment and youth empowerment will provide a strong foundation on which to continue working for the betterment of the Commonwealth and its people.”

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“On behalf of the Government of Canada, we affirm our loyalty to the new King of Canada, His Majesty King Charles III, and offer him our full support,” added Mr. Trudeau.

On Friday evening, Justin Trudeau reminisced about his memories of Queen Elizabeth II as he signed the book of condolences at Rideau Hall. “I will miss the discussions I had with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II very much. Thoughtful, curious, helpful and funny, she brought strength and comfort to all,” he wrote on twitter.