Kinga Rusin boasts about expeditions. He gets to know Zanzibar better and better. Luxury villas too

The journalist has been living outside Poland for a long time, more specifically in the beautiful and sunny regions of Zanzibar.

 Kinga Rusin boasts about expeditions. She gets to know Zanzibar better and better. Luxury villas too

Her Instagram activity certainly arouses regret and envy in many people that such wonderful trips and amazing views are intended for so few because of the exorbitant prices.

A celebrity boasts about staying in a villa for 50,000 zlotys a week

Nothing inspires action more than the views presented by wealthy celebrities during their trip to warm countries. While they are the dream of many people with average opportunities and wages, someone “properly” born, given a range of opportunities at the outset, has a chance to see the whole world that is shared with us.

Social media is dotted with photos and video recordings from beautiful mansions rented for a lot of money, wonderful azure beaches and unusual terrain blowing for us a total exotic.

Kinga Rusin, who created her cosmetics brand, together with her beloved Marek They shine in Kujawa near Bali, showing the charms of the surrounding area and the charms of a tanned journalist. On InstaStories, a material appeared that turned on the envy button for many people.

Willa and the property, which can be seen in the background behind Kinga walking in a flowery dress, cost ten thousand per night, according to Rumor.