KiRA MAZUR has surprised fans with a new album “LIVE”

In love with experimentation on music and their own appearance, KiRA MAZUR once again surprised fans with his album “ALIVE“.

KiRA MAZUR удивила поклонников новым альбом «ЖИВА»

This time the singer decided to film each track of their new EP-album, which is already available for listening on all digital platforms.

This is the second album on account of a Ukrainian singer, which consists of six tracks, that are linked by one story.

“In my life is some waves. Something changes inside, and this is changing my music. EP-album “ALIVE” — is very symbolic. In it all sincerely and truly. Under him want to dance — what I eventually came. Many have noticed that I love to set new records 🙂 this time in my life came and dancing. And my team decided not just to present the new album, but also to accompany each track dance video story. For two weeks, we have choreographed, taught her every day rehearsed, gathered the team and took off for the day 5 clips 🙂 I almost all time slept. But it’s worth it!”-

KiRA MAZUR said.

According to the singer, her concert is also fully updated:

“Now all that will happen on stage is a brand new KiRA MAZUR. We, partially, and show in our video, which will gradually start appearing on my YouTube channel very soon. And while I recommend everyone to listen “LIVE” to dance.”

Also, bonus new EP album KiRA MAZUR “LIVE” was a cover version of the song of the great Ukrainian composer Mykola Brain — “Gay music“with which the actress spoke September 1 at the concert to his memory in Kiev Palace of Sports.