Kissing pose hidden danger

It is considered that a kiss is the most harmless way to Express your sympathy, love and good attitude to the person. But, as found by the doctors, kissing is not so safe.

Поцелуи таят скрытую опасность

Scientists have determined that just more than two weeks of life man gives kisses a serious relationship. According to them, is, on the one hand, it is very nice, it can lift your mood, get rid of depression and stress. For, on the other hand, experts say, these kisses are fraught with serious danger and can harm the health.

All are well aware that kissing is an exchange of microbes. But, when a person’s mouth formed a large number of dangerous microbes due to various diseases, for example diseases of the teeth or gum disease, then it is worth considering.


One of the first formidable disease doctors include genital herpes, which manifests itself as bubbles on the lips. These bubbles in the shortest time transferred to the stage of weeping ulcers, which then long time to heal and, therefore, create discomfort.

Doctors warn that the herpes viruses are different, they can go from a simple manifestation on the lips to severe lesions inside of your mouth. In addition, say doctors, herpes can appear on the genitals and hands.

Infectious disease physicians say that the symptoms of herpes quite a lengthy “fun” — up to 20 days or more. Experts recommend that immediately consult a doctor, as the consequences can be unpredictable.

“The kissing disease”

“The kissing disease” is a very dangerous disease, its scientific name is infectious mononucleosis. The most frequent ways of transmission of this disease through kissing.

“The kissing disease” may be manifest by fever, inflammation of the tonsils, enlargement of lymph nodes. When such symptoms should immediately go to hospital as the diagnosis is confirmed only after testing.

The doctors say that the disease is caused by the virus Epstein-Barr. Once the virus gets to the other person, it enters the bloodstream and begins rapid movement throughout the body, this affects all the internal organs.

Even early treatment does not help, as the virus remains in the body forever.

Cytomegalovirus infection

This virus is not dangerous to the person with strong and sturdy immune system, but for others it poses a real! danger.

The most vulnerable to this virus — pregnant women, small children and people with immunodeficiency.

The danger is that by all indications it is similar to respiratory disease and mononucleosis. With a weakened immune system the virus occurs more and more often.

Scientists have found that this virus can destroy the cells of the blood vessels that leads to atherosclerosis. Vaccine against the virus does not yet exist.