Klopp fears that the coronavirus will deprive Liverpool of the first ever club Champions of the English Premier League

Клопп опасается, что коронавирус лишит "Ливерпуль" первого в истории клуба титула чемпиона Английской Премьер-Лиги

Jurgen Klopp

Today the English Premier League, the Federation of football of England (FA) and the championship of the English football League (EFL) took a joint decision to stop until 4 April matches due to the coronavirus.

This was reported on the official website of the Premier League.

However, there are fears that the Championships in the EPL and EFL will not resume if medical advice is not allowed to do.

In this regard, “Liverpool”, which is a huge advantage leading the championship, may not place first in their club history a title of the champion of the Premier League.

For this reason the head coach “red” Jurgen Klopp made an appeal to the fans of the club, in which he noted that “Liverpool” supports the decision to stop the submarine.

“Hardly now thoughts of football Manager have value, but I understand fans who want to hear the reaction of the team. First, you need to do everything possible to protect each other. Most importantly – public safety. It should always be, and in the moment is more important than ever”, – quotes the German specialist press service of Liverpool.

“I think football is the most important of the least important things. But today, soccer and football games really are not important at all. We have no desire to play in front of empty grandstands. We also don’t want matches or tournaments tolerated. But if it helps to maintain the health of one person – just one – we will not ask questions,” said Klopp.

“Yes, I am the Manager of this team and the club and therefore are responsible for leadership with respect to our future on the field. But I think that at the present moment, when so many people around our city, region, country and the world are faced with anxiety and uncertainty, it would be wrong to talk about anything, except to advise people to follow the advice of experts and take care of yourself and each other”, – said the head coach of “Liverpool”.

“We pray for all who have suffered and will suffer in the future. No one knows how it ends, but you have to believe that the authorities are taking decisions based on common sense. May wish to our fans only health,” said Jurgen.