Klopp told how the original way he deals with stress

Клопп поведал, каким оригинальным способом он борется со стрессом

Jurgen Klopp

Head coach of “Liverpool” Jurgen Klopp in the movie “Be the boss” talks about management and inspiration, why not meet in the social networks, why he’s not wearing the suit and which player will be a good Manager.

In addition, the coach of the strongest in the world club soccer team has told how he is resting after the match.

“I really like my job. Loved it when you just heard. I am with players of the highest level and help them to develop.

I in football by myself. Didn’t have time to watch games and read books about football. Just had the opportunity to experiment. It’s cool.

As I rest after the games? Just sleep,” admitted the German specialist.

Recall, Klopp started his career at the German “Mainz” in 2001. After was Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool, with whom he this season racing at full speed into the first “red” victory in the English Premier League.

On the eve of Liverpool have made another step in this direction, having beaten on departure “Wolverhampton” 2:1.