Knives hidden in his cell: a murderer escapes unscathed

Knives hidden in his cell: Murderer escapes unscathed< /p> UPDATE DAY

Even though two handcrafted knives were found “very well hidden” in his cell, a convicted murderer in prison emerged unscathed from the disciplinary charge against him.  

The Federal Court found in favor of Jamie Cliff, who was charged with possession of contraband, according to the Toronto Sun.

The man detained in a penitentiary near Campbellford, Ontario, challenged the decision of the Correctional Service of Canada which ordered him to pay a fine, after finding two knives well hidden in his bed frame. The penitentiary authorities pointed to the ingenuity of the hiding place.

However, the prison was unable to prove beyond any doubt that the killer had knowledge and control of the contraband.

Jamie Cliff's attorney, John Dillon, argued there was no evidence the cell had been properly searched in the 30 days prior to Jamie Cliff's arrival. The detention facility lacked evidence. He was not even able to indicate when Jamie Cliff was placed in the cell.

“Although deterrence may be in the interest of the institution, it does not explain not beyond a reasonable doubt intelligibly the guilt of the petitioner, explained Judge Janet M. Fuhrer. The decision lacks intelligibility and transparency, and therefore justifies the intervention of the Court.”

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, the lawyer for the murderer noted some factors that made it possible to doubt the guilt of his client.

“He had no tools, he could not have unscrewed or unbolted the bed, said Me John Dillon. There was no information on when the cell was last searched.”

In 2011, a jury found Jamie Cliff guilty of two counts of second-degree murder. Three years earlier, he killed his ex-girlfriend, 26-year-old Lana Christophersen, and her roommate, 21-year-old Andrew Gawley, in Vancouver.