Kohala: Jamal and Jah Khalib presented a joint track

Ukrainian singer Jamal and Kazakh rapper Jah Khalib released the song Kohala. The song is included in album Jah Khalib out.

Кохаю: Джамала и Jah Khalib презентовали совместный трек

Jamal and Jah Khalib surprised fans with a song Kohala. The official release of the track was held on 29 October.

– Out magical work on the strange connections between people that helps them through everything in its path – said Jamal.

To listen to the song Kohala on stamenkovich platforms Apple Music, Google Play Music and Spotify.

Interestingly, the musicians met at a concert Jah Khalib in Kiev, where Jamal came as a guest.

The song Kohala Jamal wrote on the eighth month of pregnancy, and then sent the track to rapper in the messenger.

– After that, he sent me a photo with your goosebumps from what he heard, – says the singer.

Recall, Jah Khalib – one of the most talented musicians. October 29, he presented a new album Release.

In the work on the plate participated Kyivstoner, Oleg Cargo, MARUV, HIRO, Jaman T, Big Som, Travoltah, Tanir, Tyomcha, Isla.