Kolomoisky has no doubt that he will return PrivatBank

The oligarch Igor Kolomoysky expects soon to regain control of “PrivatBank”.

Коломойский не сомневается, что вернет ПриватБанк

As reported NO he said this during an interview to a journalist of the project “Schema”Michael Weaver.

Over time, when you returned, your business can never lose. In court cases you win.

— And when was that Poroshenko, which of my businesses lost?

— When was Poroshenko, you were not in the country and you lost “PrivatBank”.

You about business, right? Well, the banks lost. Well, not yet returned, but soon returned.

— Do you think you will return?

— Do not even doubt it.

— It is through the courts?

— Not through the courts, and lawfully, as required by law.

— Tell, please, why then …

— That, believe me, justice will prevail. How would the IMF do not beat your head against the wall, the laws of thought, something told me, it’s all empty nonsense.