Kolos vigra “battle for UEL”

"Колос" виграв "битву за Європу"

Naperedodni at the NSC “Olimpiskiy” vdbase fnal the playoffs Ukraïnskoï Prem courier-play, in yakomu sustris shosta I wasima respectively team Ukraïnskoï Prime play – “spike” and “Mariupol”.

Peremoga I putuka in the 2nd round to Play kavali Wrapi zdorov “ear”.

Perche I other half held for perevahy kovalic, nonetheless pidopichni Oleksandr Babych in basic hours Vitali. Ale vzhe in debut pershoho in overtime Denis Antukh scoring a goal, that in resultat I wiww Kolos to qualit L.

At the NSC “Olimpiskiy” Boule prison of about 6 tees. gledaju scho . podkarantinnoy record for clcct oubaali. At a time are allowed zapolnyat of studeni 25%.

Dadamo scho takozh CCB match at present the head coach zbro of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko.