Komorowski: if you have SARS, you are a danger to others and needs to be home!

Only one fifth of the respondents takes the official hospital for the time of SARS. 16% agree with the boss about working remotely. The large percentage (33%) continues to go to work, regardless of the disease.

Комаровский: если у вас ОРВИ – вы опасны для окружающих и должны быть дома!

“If you have symptoms of SARS (sore throat, stuffy nose, aching bones, fever, etc. — Ed.) you in the next 5 days is really dangerous for others! If you went to work — had infected employees. Sent a sick child to school — affected the entire class. The patient should stay home sick!” — said the famous pediatrician and Dr. Phil Eugene Komorowski.

However, only 11% of employees said that they are satisfied, as the boss cares about the health of employees.
If your leadership insists that despite the cold, workers were in the office, can result in disappointing for business statistics: a company where SARS took on the format of the epidemic, lose on the average 20% of revenue. So the hospital is primarily beneficial owners of companies.
Ill, and without the tool going to work in the midst of a cold, you should bear in mind that transferred to the legs respiratory disease carries huge health risks. Banal viral infection can give complications in the lungs in pneumonia, and also affect the functioning of the heart.