Konoplyanka told about degree of integrity to match against the “Dnepr-1”

Коноплянка поведал о степени принципиальности матча против "Днепра-1"

Yevhen Konoplyanka

At the presentation of Shakhtar’s new signings Samir Nasri commented on his future return to the “Dnepr-Arena” in the match with the “Dnepr-1” in the framework of the Favbet League.

“The match against the “Dnepr-1″ I will not be fundamental. This is a normal club against which you need to earn points. Not going to watch someone play”, – quotes the player of national team of Ukraine official website of “Shakhtar”.

“Of course, if it was the “Dnepr”, where he played only half of the old team, then it would be the fundamentally,” said Linnet.

“It’s always nice to go back to his town, to the stadium, emotions are going wild. But there goal is to get three points,” summed up the new recruit.

We will add that match on “Dnipro-Arena” between “Dnepr-1” – “Shakhtar” will take place on 5 October in the framework of the 10th round of the Premier League.

Konoplyanka will be the Champions of Ukraine under 15-m number.