Kristen Stewart daring outfit presented the film “to Spite of enemies”

29-year-old Kristen Stewart, who played a major role in the political Thriller “to Spite of enemies” (Seberg), continues to present his new work at film festivals. She has already visited her in Venice, Toronto and Deauville, and now arrived at the San Sebastian film festival, which is held annually in the Basque Country (Spain). Together with the Director of the film, 47-year-old Benedict Andrews, she presented the film to journalists at a press conference and participated in fotocelle.

Кристен Стюартв дерзком наряде представила фильм «Назло врагам»

Kristen came out to photographers in white pants and a leather jacket, worn over a striped shirt.

Кристен Стюартв дерзком наряде представила фильм «Назло врагам»

Critics responded differently to the film, but actor Stuart most of them rated as one of the best in her career. In “to Spite of enemies” Kristen was played by American actress Jean Seberg, whose life the FBI turned to hell. The actress was involved with the leftist organization the Black Panthers and became the object of the surveillance.

The film raised political issues, so without them, none of the press-conference devoted “to Spite of enemies”. In San Sebastian Stuart said that in the modern world it is particularly concerned about two issues: gun control and climate change on our planet.