Kristen Stewart wishes she was married to Robert Pattinson

Although Kristen Stewart six years that passed since the collapse of her romance with Robert Pattinson refused to talk about their relationship, and now she suddenly began to talk. In an interview that 29-year-old actress gave Howard stern, the actress admitted that Robert was the “best”. Moreover, a direct question of a journalist, would she marry him, Siewert replied in the affirmative. “We’ve been together for so many years, and he was my first love…” — told the actress. Kristen did not hide the fact that she was madly in love with Robert, and certainly would accept his offer if he made it. The trouble is that Pattinson did not have time to do it.

Кристен Стюарт жалеет, что не вышла замуж за Роберта Паттинсона

Recall, Kristen and Robert met in 2008, the shooting of the first part of the franchise “Twilight”. However, the first time they met in secret, so that their affair became known only a year later. Then, according to the producer Wick Godfrey, having learned of this, he was horrified — because in front of the couple was scheduled to take in four parts of the vampire Saga, where they had to play lovers. And Godfrey was afraid that if they quarrel, then shooting future movies will be ripped off.

Fortunately the creators of the franchise, Stewart and Pattinson still have held together until the conclusion of the project. But soon after, disaster struck: the paparazzi caught Kristen kissing the Director of her next film, Rupert Sanders. After parting in the ensuing scandal, they tried to reconcile, but soon “ran away” again — now finally. However, as recently admitted Kristen, despite their breakup, she “kept in her heart a place for Pattinson”. And when she found out this year that Robert adopted the role of Batman, she was genuinely glad for him. “I believe that nobody better than him will not be able to play this role!” — said the actress.