Krystyna Loska is a TVP legend. The 85-year-old's retirement benefits do not reflect her professional merit

The legendary announcer and presenter currently lives with her daughter.

 Krystyna Loska is a TVP legend. Retirement benefits of the 85-year-old do not reflect her professional merits

Krystyna Loska is a Polish TV presenter, announcer and a legend among the announcers, retired since 1994. She was born in Tychy on July 25, 1937. An interesting fact is that as a young bride she took preparatory courses in the field of acting, conducted by Gustaw Holoubek himself, who at the time was the chairman of the examination committee.

The TVP legend receives a pension well below PLN 2,000

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In private life, the legend of Polish Television, Krystyna Loska, née Szostak, was the wife of Henryk Loska, who was a football activist and co-worker of Kazimierz G & oacute. The spouses had a daughter, Grażyna. As it turned out years later, Grażyna followed in her mother's footsteps and also became a legend of Polish Television as a TV presenter and announcer Grażyna Torbicka.

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Another interesting fact is that Krystyna Loska has done 6 film roles, including only one that was not a journalist or announcer. Additionally, in 2012 and 2013, Krystyna Loska took part in two advertising campaigns.

Every fan of the Big Cyc band remembers well that the band dedicated a song to Krystyna Loska entitled “Krystyna”, which was placed on the 2002 album entitled “Change gender with us”.

Now the legend of Polish Television has been living with daughter Grażyna Torbicka and son-in-law for some time now, who, fortunately for the senior, is a recognized cardiac surgeon. This is very important because the star has had a heart attack and has heart problems. Adam Torbicki, however, watches over the health of his mother-in-law and monitors the condition of her heart.

As reported by Super Express, this cult TV character, who raised another star among the presenters, receives a pension of PLN 1,500 per month. Fortunately, the senior lady is well looked after and we can be sure that she is not missing anything.