Krzysztof Igor Krawczyk achieved his goal and was given a flat. His girlfriend Kasia told about the abandonment

She took him under her roof, but was quickly ordered to leave because of his mood.

 Krzysztof Igor Krawczyk achieved his goal and received an apartment. His girlfriend Kasia told about the abandonment

Super Express reports that Krzysztof Krawczyk Junior, after a long struggle for an apartment, finally received own place where it will be possible to live without having to enter into unwanted relationships …

Krzysztof Igor Krawczyk became involved with Kasia when he had nowhere to live. Internet users' assumptions were confirmed

It was suspected that he had entered into a relationship with a woman to have a place to live before he won the right to a communal apartment. There was no mention of his opinion regarding rumors and conjecture, but his girlfriend's confession confirmed what many people had on their minds.

As soon as he got his own corner to the apartment, he broke off contact with Katarzyna, who broke the silence and said what her relationship with Krzysztof Krawczyk Junior looks like now.

I have no contact with Krzysztof anymore. We only see each other at the rehearsals of Krzysztof Cwynar – confessed the woman who hoped to settle down with Krzysztof in new housing conditions. It is a very sad situation, the more that she risked a lot of bringing the man home, where she hangs with her mother.

Unfortunately, junior broke off the relationship with Katarzyna as soon as he realized that the housing situation had significantly deteriorated. correct. The unwanted relationship has gone a long way.

The atmosphere at the Integration Studio Association is probably quite sour right now, with the ex-couple getting together after all this. This is a very unpleasant situation for Katarzyna, who counted on the authenticity of Krzysztof's feelings and intentions towards her.

All these press reports after what Katarzyna revealed about the son of a legend of the Polish music scene look very bad.