Ksenia Mishina told about a toxic relationship with the ex-spouse

Ukrainian actress Ksenia Mishina told about the marriage with her ex-husband and the father of her 7-year-old son of Plato.

Ксения Мишина рассказала о токсичных отношения с экс-супругом

The actress said in an interview to the program “Coffee with pepper” TV channel “Ukraine” that left him, while pregnant, and the husband over the years have never visited his son.

“The relationship is over. It all went wrong. For me it was very strange — the person just changed, became loathsome behavior. I realized that I it will not. It was psychological bullying,” says Mishina.

After the woman left the marriage, ia the son at that time already was about 5 years old, the man beat her.

“Appeared in theatre, beat me, for that is not clear. In a drunken state. I left the show and it got me down the stairs. Then some people, the lawyers called me. We serve you in court, they say. I don’t understand what purpose it was. I think they’re all very drunk was. it was a complete circus,” said the actress.