Kucherenko Ukraine should save the jobs of miners, and not “schemas” Ukrenergo

Кучеренко: Украина должна спасать рабочие места шахтеров, а не «схемы» Укрэнерго

The government decided on the priority of Ukrainian coal to thermal power generation to protect and save the jobs of miners.

Talk about the fact that the way CMU wins the certification of the Ukrainian energy system with the European, are the speculations of individuals, led by the head of the energy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Gerus. Comments about this said lawmaker Oleksiy Kucherenko.

“Very much, in words, engaged in the fate of the Ukrainian energy market Gerus and his entourage. But all their statements are just speculation.

If the Gerus wanted to bring order to the energy market and to understand what prevents certification of the Ukrainian energy system with the European is in the first place we would have to open several criminal cases concerning the company “Ukrenergo” and members of its Supervisory Board,” — said Kucherenko.

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Integration of the Ukrainian energy system with the European (ENTSO-E) was developed by CMU and approved by VRU in December 2014, reminds Kucherenko.

“Why Gerus and it is a big company whistleblowers does not want to understand why for almost 6 years, this certification did not take place? Maybe you should ask the management “Ukrenergo” and members of the Supervisory Council of the authority, why, contrary to the interests of the state within 2017-2018. “Ukrenergo” puydeval and agreed on solar and wind stations such technical conditions, which today have become a threat to the energy security of the country?” — adds the MP.

The government is trying to upload mine state of the Ukrainian coal so concerned about the fate of the miners, says Kucherenko. And, due to imperfect legislation, forced to do it in semi-manual mode, he adds.

“Because there is a specific problem — we need to save jobs of their people to any kind of salary received. Trying to download a coal state company “Centrenergo”, which dealers market cornered in debts.

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And maybe someone doesn’t like a government method to keep the situation, but personally I don’t see alternatives,” he says.

The head of the energy Committee Kucherenko advised to submit a plan of market exit from the crisis and the protection of Ukrainian miners.

“Better yet, let’s sit down and analyze what happened with energy in the year of tenure of the head of the energy Committee,” he adds.

As reported, the Cabinet established the priority of use of the Ukrainian coal to thermal power plants. Preceded this decision strikes and protests of the miners, which eight months were easy because of the “scheme” Centrenergo.