Kurds protesting in Toronto in connection with the invasion of Turkey into Syria (PHOTO)

Курды в Торонто протестуют в связи с вторжением Турции на территорию Сирии (ФОТО)

Tension in Syria is growing and living in Toronto, the Kurds came out to protest against the attack on Turkey and the U.S. decision to withdraw its troops from the region.

Yesterday a group of protesters gathered outside the American Embassy on University Ave. 360 demanding the U.S. to support the Kurds in Syria and to condemn Turkish President.

Activists held placards urging people to boycott tourism in Turkey, saying that the money spent in this country, is the money spent on the war.

According to the canadian census of 2016, in Ontario, there are about 7095 Kurds – more than in any other canadian province.

And here the Kurds of Toronto has decided to speak out against the growing conflict and to support their compatriots.

On Wednesday Turkey announced the beginning of military operations against the Syrian democratic forces (SDS) headed by Kurdish self-defense groups operating in North-East Syria.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the operation is an attempt to prevent the Kurds to set up a terrorist corridor and that the ultimate goal is peace, but few believe in it.

Since the start of the invasion there were many predictions of a possible humanitarian crisis, with tens of thousands of people have fled their homes to avoid danger.

According to Bi-bi-si, has killed dozens of Kurdish fighters and civilians.

But the conflict did not arise in a vacuum. We need to remember historically difficult-the current Turkish-Kurdish relations.

And although the Kurds are the fourth largest ethnic group in the middle East, they have no state, they there are many superstitions, which often leads to discrimination.

Some also worried that the conflict may leave the possibility for ISIS to come to power again in the region, since, in particular, SDS contributed to the victory over the terrorist organization in the region, and many of the ISIS militants currently detained in prisons.

Experts agree in opinion that the conflict could create another power vacuum in the area, which led to the emergence of ISIS in Syria.

In addition, the United States, the ally of both Turkey and the Kurdish people, announced that it will withdraw its troops from the area, in fact, contributing to the actions of Turkey.

President Donald trump has been universal criticism for this move, and including, his decision was one of the reasons for the organization of protest actions of the Kurds in Toronto.