Kylie Jenner admired curvaceous in a bright swimsuit

Kylie Jenner will always find a way to surprise fans. Including a change of hairstyle. Recently, she appeared with the usual long locks, then with elongated quads, and now completely blonde.

Кайли Дженнер восхитила пышными формами в ярком купальнике

Kylie has published several archival photo where they with a small daughter bask in the rays of the sun. The girl tried on the acid-green bikini that emphasized her outstanding form. And Stormy dressed in a white dress and hat. But the highlight of the image became bright hair, tied in a ponytail. “About a year ago with my child. Where does the time go?”, – wrote Kylie. Fans began to discuss a photo and touched the daughter of a celebrity. Many began to beg Kylie to go back to blond, others just to admire her body.

Most likely, Kylie is not thinking to change anything, and post – just the opportunity to Express your love to your daughter. Recall now Kylie a difficult period in his personal life. According to rumors, they are former lover Travis Scott decided to break off the relationship. Reason for the separation of some sources call the infidelity of the rapper, the other is that young people lot of time to devote career and different views on family life.

Fans of Kylie, however, has managed to make the whole investigation to prove that Travis was cheating on Kylie almost the entire relationship. The stars themselves said in an interview that they appreciate each other and intend to communicate for my daughter. Scott also denies all the novels on the side.