Kylie Jenner became the heroine of a popular glossy

The author of the photo shoot for the magazine was her boyfriend — rapper Travis Scott.

22-year-old billionaire Kylie Jenner graced the cover of the popular gloss Playboy, and also talked about sexuality and motherhood, reports the with reference to

Кайли Дженнер стала героиней популярного глянца

Businesswoman and reality TV star “the Family Kardashian” starred in a provocative photo shoot for a popular men’s magazine. The author of the photoset was Ukrainian Sasha Samsonova, which cooperates with the Kardashians-Jenner.

Visit Playboy on Instagram there are several seductive photos.

The celebrity confessed that the author of the photo shoot for the magazine was her boyfriend — rapper Travis Scott. By the way, he not only oversaw the whole process of shooting, but also personally interviewed his sweetheart.

Photo shoot in the accompanying interview, Kylie admitted that after the birth of her daughter Stormy sex was much better. She also said that to be a mother and be sexy not contradict each other.Motherhood and sexuality can coexist. If you accept their sexuality, this does not mean that you lose the morality.

Kylie also noted that not even dreamed about shooting for Playboy.I like what Playboy is doing now creatively, and when you gave me that idea that you’re there and you can direct the shoot, I thought it was the perfect decision because I trust you and your vision.

On the cover, Jenner appeared in red underwear — just like her older sister Kim Kardashian, starring for Playboy in 2007. I wonder what Kylie was the second of five sisters whose photograph will grace the cover of Playboy.