Kylie Jenner glad she had stretch marks

Kylie Jenner gave birth to a baby girl, Stormy in February last year. The young billionaire admitted that he wanted to be a young mother. While we believe that all of this of course happened by accident, and with her boyfriend’s child star is not exactly planned. But to wrap up, in fact, all in the beautiful packaging was necessary.

Кайли Дженнер рада, что у нее появились растяжки

In Instagram with the baby in the arms of Kylie appears more often, and even inspired a new status, a brand came up with a name themselves for kids and their parents. After all, Jenner is able to earn on everything, touches nothing.

Recently in Instagram, she answered readers ‘ questions in real time, mostly about the burden of motherhood. And everything turned out very sweet and romantic.

For example, one of podeschi asked if Kylie stretch marks after childbirth. Jenner confirmed this fact and hinted that he loved her new body: “On my buttocks, Breasts and thighs there were banners, but I received them as a gift from Stormy.” But the paradox is that before you put a photo in a swimsuit, Jenner skips your stretch marks using all the possible filters, and her hips are smooth.

Kylie also told that quite quickly came to shape after her pregnancy, but her body has changed and will never be the same. The reality TV star took a lot of time to understand and accept the new you. Although, if Kylie wants to, she can always go to the family plastic surgeon in order to correct something or to return to his former self.