Kylie Jenner has posted a video tour of the office your daily beauty Corporation

22-year-old world-renowned billionaire Kylie Jenner, who previously told whether more children, published a video tour of the office beauty corporations Kylie Cosmetics, reports the with reference to

Кайли Дженнер опубликовала видеотур по офису своей бьюти-корпорации

The video shows Kylie pink huge open space with pink sofa and the press, a nice kitchen, meeting rooms and many spacious rooms.

In addition, there is a separate dressing room for the sisters Kardashian, a playroom for daughter Kylie, and a bathroom for the stars. Kylie Jenner also boasted wall, which is entirely filled with lipsticks and lip glosses.

I love those pink accents in the office says they are everywhere famous.

For their employees the star of the installed automatic with champagne Moët &Chandon, refrigerators with snacks and cans of pink M&M’s.