Kylie Jenner said that motherhood has a good impact on her intimate life

Recently, Kylie Jenner has become the latest heroine of Playboy magazine. She took part in a candid photo shoot for the iconic publication. Businesswoman and a young mother is not only pleased the readers his hot shots, but gave an interview.

Кайли Дженнер заявила, что материнство хорошо сказалось на ее интимной жизни

Before agreeing to take part in a photo shoot, Kylie Jenner made it a condition of the organizers and is ready to strip for the cover just beside her lover Travis Scott. Interview, the girl also did not want to give to other people and picked the musician as an interviewer.

In the interview the pair were very open and shared many details of his personal life. One of the topics raised in the interviews, was their intimate life. Scott said that many are mistaken when they believe that child birth can damage sexual activity of the couple. Them with Kylie’s experience proves the opposite. Jenner supported the point of view of his lover.

She believes that motherhood and sexuality can coexist. The girl thanked your partner for the opportunity to see this. Moreover, Kylie Jenner said that after giving birth their sex life with Travis Scott became much richer and better.

Kylie Jenner admitted that for a long time considered myself a bad mother Frank publications and images. She felt a sense of shame and embarrassment, but later she was able to accept his sexuality and to revise the existing opinion. The star was able to find harmony between the different spheres of his life, which is also largely consider the merit of your partner.

Recall that the novel Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have evolved very rapidly. The couple started Dating in 2017, and a short time later became aware of a pregnant 22-year-old businesswoman.