Kylie Jenner stressed figure in red latex mini

Kylie Jenner, who recently showed the first hot shots of the advertising campaign of the brand, continues to excite fans. During this time she tried on no less striking image in the same festive red color.

Кайли Дженнер подчеркнула фигуру красным латексным мини

Judging by the appearance of 22-year-old billionaire, her Christmas collection will contain all the necessary tools to create the most spectacular makeup.

For shooting Kylie tried on a red dress from latex, supplemented by a bow, which highlighted outstanding form of celebrity. Added his high gloves and earrings in the form of large stones. Special attention deserves the makeover the youngest of the Kardashian. Makeup artists decided to put the emphasis on the eyes and on the lips. Dark pink shade and long arrows on the eyelids did look expressive and passionate. And the wine shade of lipstick highlighted the sensuality of the lips. Her eyebrows are also carefully drawn, highlighting the brand sweeping bend.

With striking shots of Kylie decided to draw attention to the launch of the new lipsticks. “I feel naughty this year… My Holiday collection ’19 will be available tomorrow at 15:00 Pacific time! To celebrate, we offer free delivery all day! Don’t be late,” wrote Jenner under the post.