L Orеal returns employees in offices

L'Orеal возвращает сотрудников в офисы

Photo: Business Insider

L Orеal beginning to return to the offices

The company believes that “there is no perfect time to return to the office,” and must adapt to the “new rules”.

American unit L Orеal, which employs about 11 thousand people, began to return their employees to the offices. Reported by Business Insider.

“Working in the office and the personal presence necessary to build social ties and successful work of the company”, — explained the General Director of the us office Stefan Rinderknecht.

According to Rinderknecht, “even small gestures, like a nod of approval or a short greeting” is very important for building connections and success of the company.

According to the head of L Orеal US, social interaction is necessary for “professional development and growth,” and also for “mental health and emotional well-being” of employees.

The company also stressed that the capacity of the offices does not exceed 50%, and staff working in the office, will work in shifts.

At the same time, the publication citing anonymous survey of employees L Orеal, says that not all its employees are excited for the upcoming return to the offices and fear of Contracting coronavirus infection in the office.

L Orеal manages such brands as Garnier, Lancоme and Urban Decay. In its U.S. division has about 11 thousand employees, offices located in 13 States.

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