Labeaume will make people dance during a benefit evening at Le Diamant

Labeaume will get people dancing at a benefit night at the Diamond


Less than a year after announcing that he was retiring from public life, Régis Labeaume will be DJ for one evening, Saturday, during a benefit Happening that will take place in the foyer of the Diamond. The former mayor has promised to shut up and make the 300 participants dance. 

He will be one of the stars of the benefit evening for the theater company We are here by Alexandre Fecteau. He will be, with Sophie Faucher, one of the guest DJs for the dance portion of this evening. 

Régis Labeaume accepted the invitation, which was sent to him by Lynda Beaulieu, president of the board of directors of Le Diamant, on the condition that he would not be alone.

« I am a shy guy&nbsp ;”, he dropped, adding that the exchanges he had with Sophie Faucher, who nicknamed him “DJ Labomba”, had been very amusing.

He also said yes because he is a music lover and because he likes Alexandre Fecteau, artistic coordinator of the event Where do you go when you sleep while walking…?, organized by the Carrefour international de théâtre and which is financially supported by the City of Quebec.

“It will not be a chatting evening. I want to make people dance”, he promised, during an interview.

To avoid any disappointment, let us specify that “ DJ ” Labeaume, who will be on site, will not handle vinyls, CDs and turntables. 

“It's a list that we have built on Spotify,” he said.

He selected about twenty songs, totaling, with those of Sophie Faucher, 90 minutes .

Like in the old days

After accepting the invitation, Régis Labeaume found himself in a kind of dilemma.

< p>“I am 66 years old. Should I be fashionable? Will people like my personal choices that are not new? I chose authenticity,” he mentioned.

A fan of progressive rock, the ex-mayor admits that songs by Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd were inappropriate.

“I can't see people dancing to Wish You Were Here. It's going to be pretty disco,” he said.

Without revealing his choices, DJ Régis confided that Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive will be on the program .

“It's a must”, he said.

This first experience as a DJ brings him back to his years at the versatile Neufchâtel.

  I was leading the way at the time. I organized discos at the chapel at noon. There were Traynor lighting and amps. It was very popular. The school board didn't see it very favorably,” he pointed out.

These lunchtime disco always started with Get it On (Bang a Gong)< /em> by T. Rex and I hear knocking by Pagliaro.

“We should have fun. I think it's going to be a great vigil,” he said.