Lack of money forced Jennifer aniston to go on a desperate act

50-year-old Jennifer aniston admitted that he had mixed feelings when I learned that she was again recognized as an “Icon” at yesterday’s ceremony of People’s Choice. Remembering that she was awarded this honor for the seventh time, the actress suddenly felt old. After all, even the first time this title is awarded usually not beginners, and veterans. “God, am I in show business for so long?” — this thought flashed, the recognition aniston in her head when she learned the news about his victory in this category.

Безденежье вынудило Дженнифер Энистон пойти на отчаянный поступок

Among other things, for the ceremony, which was held in Los Angeles, Jennifer was honored twice. The second time she went on stage to receive the prize for the film “Mysterious murder,” declared the best Comedy of the year. In this movie aniston starred alongside Adam Sandler, and for this reason she decided to reminisce. As told by the actress, she met Sandler 30 years ago. Then both were still struggling actors, and they have absolutely no money. That day they were neighbors in the table in the same diner. And both, at the end of lunch, not saying a word, ran off without paying…

However, now aniston, her multimillion-dollar fortune, funny to remember the story. However, as acknowledged by Jennifer, her fate could not develop so well if she didn’t get the part, which he called a “gift of fate” — in the cult TV series “Friends”. “I understand that if I didn’t get a chance to play this wonderful TV show with five other wonderful actors, I wouldn’t be standing here now!” — admitted aniston.